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Copyediting and Proofreading Services: Self-published Writer and Reader Partnership

  col·lab·o·rate /kə-'la-bə-ˌrāt/ 1: to work jointly with others or together esp. in an intellectual endeavor 

Bringing the collaborative process to the table

  You need a reader. Not someone who will change your story; someone who can help clarify and polish your message. Your audience has a limited attention span and doesn't want to trip over punctuation flaws and unclear antecedents. All writers need to have their work proofread by a second set of eyes with a fresh perspective.

The message is this: while you are in the midst of it, you cannot see the forest for the trees. No one writes poorly on purpose; the English language moves from the brain into the written word sometimes unsuccessfully.

Having a critique and rewrite can be the difference between "I know what you meant" and "Brilliant!"

During the proofreading and editing review, we check the spelling and grammar, as well as the voice and context. And, spot-checks for factual errors, with research for verification.

Janet offers the constructive elements to improve the draft, along with support to craft your best composition. She cares about authors and understands that it's nerve-wracking to let go and let someone else critique your work.  

Her goal is to make the copyediting and proofreading process easier and help you to shine.

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Have your work proofread by a professional

  • Since there are different styles and formats used for creative writing, business writing, academic writing, or technical writing, ​it is important first to find out the types of writing projects in which the provider excels.  Janet worked at Scholastic Book Fairs for over 12 years and wore many hats. Her favorite hat is reading and editing. She proofread marketing materials for international customers and read and judged manuscripts on book selection committees. 
  • Janet specializes in creative writing projects such as self-published ebook novels, consumer books, cookbooks, and blog posts. She typically steers away from academic writing, such as thesis, or technical writing projects. She also works on business writing projects such as letters, web pages, and marketing materials. Every project is unique, and Janet will customize the pricing based on the stage of the process.

Do you need your manuscript line edited?

  • We’ll start by setting up a 10-minute​ phone interview to discuss your project. Next, Janet will review a portion of your draft (1-5 pages) so she may show you the editing levels, provide samples of her work, and determine a time for completion, and to decide if she would be the best fit for your project. 
  • Once we discuss options, we then set up a way for you upload your document via an online sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive, or you may email the Word document file. We use FreshBooks to invoice once the project is complete and accept many forms of payment: PayPal; VISA, MasterCard, and American Express credit/debit cards; and mailed checks. We request a 20% prepayment before starting work on larger projects.


"I have used Janet's services on three of my novels, and I HIGHLY recommend her. Her work is extremely meticulous, and she catches errors that you didn't even realize existed! Not only that, but, most importantly, she is extremely passionate about her work and helping the author, and she wants to see the final product be the best work the author can produce! Her feedback isn't critical but encouraging and helps the author grow and better understand the writing process. You won't be disappointed!" Steven G. 

 "Janet was very responsive to my needs and requests and her editing suggestions greatly improved the readability of my booklet. I highly recommend her." - Corinn H.  

"Janet was easy to work with and had a quick turnaround. She provided editing recommendations to our project that brought clarity and elevated the overall quality. Janet took extra care with our project as if it were her own. She was thorough in her review, and provided excellent documentation." - Andrea M.

 "It gives me great pleasure to recommend Janet Ramondetta as a copy editor and all around fine editor. Janet performed these duties for my novel, Katz Has 9 Lives, and it is a better book due to her efforts. She not only spotted grammatical issues but did fact checking and caught several inconsistencies within the plot. All the assignments were returned to me on time and it was easy to see where she made her edits. I recommend her without reservation." Eric K. 

"Janet has been a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive and always eager to help! I enjoy having her on my team. She has been a great second pair of eyes. I would recommend her to anyone who needs editing or proofreading services." -Tunisha M.   

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